Steven Craig the artist 1c (1)
Imagine 11"x14" acrylic on canvas by Steven Craig

About the artist, Steven Craig

Steven Craig Holmes grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he took to the water at an early age. “I would paddle my surfboard across the Ala Wai Canal to get to the beach,” he recalls. “It was faster than walking. I also rowed my 10-ft. skiff to school.”
At 14, Steven signed on as a safety diver for Skin Diving Hawaii. He also piloted dive boats before starting his own business, Steve’s Diving Adventures, in 1978. Running 3 boats daily, he offered free diving and SCUBA lessons, plus open-water tours.
After moving away from the Islands, Steven founded WhatsSup Stand Up Paddle and Kayak. “I enjoy sharing my love of water-sports with the community,” says Steven. Today his business serves Kenmore, Bothell and surrounding areas.
When he isn’t out on the water, or spending time with his grandchildren, Steven finds peace and reflection in painting. “My favorite is capturing seascapes of beaches, harbors, dive sites and places where I grew up and played in the islands.”
Smell the sea, feel the wind and listen to the waves lapping the shore as you reflect on his unique expressions of nature.
Steven Craig
Steven Craig the Artist poses with his painting
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